Photocopying, manual or electronic reproduction of the words and/or music of hymns and worship songs used during assemblies for acts of collective worship*              
Creating and storing, on computer, the school’s own hymn book or carol sheets              
Photocopying or scanning extracts from printed books, journals or magazines or copying from digital publications and websites for teaching or training*              
Creating overhead transparencies containing extracts from magazines, journals or books*              
Recording a radio or television broadcast and using recordings (including making available to students) for the educational purposes of licensed educational establishments.              
Recording a school concert, play or other event containing music*            
Holding a school disco, fete or fair where music is played            
Hiring out premises for keep fit/aerobic classes            
Using a radio, TV, CD player or other device in administration offices or staff rooms            
Using music on hold on your telephone system          
Organising a school play, an end of term concert or recital involving live or recorded music that is attended by family or friends*            
Showing a film or DVD in school, not in the course of instruction, eg. wet lunchtimes, after school film clubs etc.          

* If you are photocopying music or lyrics (excluding hymns or worship songs for collective worship) or performing a play, musical, ballet or opera that includes music that is specially written for the work, you normally need to get permission direct from the publisher.

Note: This guide covers many of the routine activities for which schools need a licence, but is not exhaustive. Other organisations may need to be contacted.